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I've been surfing for 33 years--everything from a potato chip thruster back when Kelly Slater was riding for Al Merrick, a 6-4 Cane Garden twinzer, Dick Brewer 8-0 fun shape, Rich Pavel 9-0 longboard, a McTavish 9-0 thruster, a 10-0 Weber Performer, an 11-6 Skip Frye Eagle, and more. It wasn't until seeing Patrick scream across the face of a wave at the local point break, that it started clicking for me. For decades, I'd been hearing Patrick talking about rocker and glide and making the perfect board for the beloved point where we surf, "I want to make a board that makes those sections."

Well, he did it. I got him to make me one and it basically sat in my garage for 2 years. I was a bit afraid of learning how to ride it. This year, at age 55, I decided to try and it has completely blown my mind and reinvigorated my love of surfing. It is effortless. I can put myself in the pocket, I can walk, cut back, or just stand there and trim. My favorite thing right now is just sitting in the pocket with my hand in the lip as it pitches out. THANK YOU PATRICK! The glider has put the joy back in surfing!

by Thomas B.