Banh Pho' has been building unique surfcraft for nearly 30 years. The focus has always been on having fun and building the right tool for the conditions at hand.

I focus on boards primarily over ten feet. Most days in places with mediocre surf a board with alot of length and volume is going to be the right call. But that also depends on how you like to surf. 

 I enjoy riding giant boards and trying to recreate the attitude and style of surfing that was going on back when the Duke was gliding around Waikiki. Not everyones cup of tea, but thats ok.

Bellow are exaples of a few proven shapes.

Click on the images for 3D view.

This the the current version of the one board quiver, 12 foot glider. Knee high to double overhead plus. This board works.


A 12'3" assymetric glider designed for a particular point in  southeast New England.


A 10'10" noserider.


Every board is made to order but ocasionally, when time permits, there will be a stock board or two up for grabs.

 If youd like to talk about getting on board (pun intended), please feel free to reach out.

Stock Boards available here: Stock Boards


The mayor, at the reef.

Photo @larryglickphotos