Banh Pho' has been building unique surfcraft for nearly 30 years. The focus has always been on fun and pushing back against the status quo.

Forget about what the style of the day is and just focus on enjoying your time in the water.

Once you open your mind to a slightly different approach to surfing, the world opens up exponentially.

Below are exaples of a few proven shapes.

This the the current version of the one board quiver, 12 foot glider. Knee high to double overhead plus. This board works.


A 12'3" assymetric glider designed for a particular point in  southeast New England.


A 10'10" noserider.


Every board is made to order but ocasionally, when time permits, there will be a stock board or two up for grabs.

 If youd like to talk about getting on board (pun intended), please feel free to reach out.

Stock Boards available here: Stock Boards


The mayor, at the reef.

Photo @larryglickphotos