Area 51 Foil

The foil division of BPSCN.

It's a very exciting time to be building foilboards.

It seems like every week something new comes along and changes the whole industry. Kind of like windsurfing, kiting, and SUP when they were first starting.

Right now Im focused on designs for winging and downwind because thats where the most demand is, as well as where my interest lies.

The trend for 2024 is slightly longer and narrower, adopting some DNA from the ever changing front lines of the downwind scene.

For freeride instead of a 90 liter board being something like 5'6" X 27" now its 6'0"x 23". The roll stability you sacrifice by going narrow is greatly outweighed by board speed which allows for smaller foils and smaller wings to be used.

On the downwind side its the same story. Longer and Narrower allows for greater board speed and pitch stability while in the water at the cost of roll stability. But again the benefits outweigh the sacrifices. Im sure it will go to the full extreme, and then recoil back to someting everyone can use. But it think the higher aspect boards are here to stay. 

Current wing board, 6'0"X23"x104L

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Current 9'0"x20" downwind shape

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